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Sports Challenge Ltd has been established since 2008 with the aim to impact the local communities in a fun, safe environment providing multiple sporting activities and Dance to thousands of children.


At Sports Challenge we pride ourselves in providing professional school support & exciting Sports activity camps children are engaged at all times and parents trust.

Sports Challenge Ltd Group are as followed:

Sports Challenge Services Ltd, Dance Challenge & Football Challenge.




  • Changing the environment to provide a fun, safe learning method for all participants.

  • Delivering High quality professional sports & activity provision all year around.

  • Building, strengthening & maintaining our reputation within the industry.

  • Always looking to improve and develop constantly asking for feedback from parents, children & staff.

  • Creating a professional working environment by enhancing our relationships with our schools, parents & all people who use our services.


We specialise in providing children,from the age of 5 + years old the opportunity to do something different, to discover new skills and ways of having fun. Sports Challenge providing high quality coaching/teaching staff who are all experienced in working with children of all abilities and ages.

In all lessons/activities the focus is on development rather than winning. The balance is of Multi skills (agility,balance & coordination) motor skills & social communication skills provides a framework for our success

OUR QUALIFICATIONS (For your safety and security)

All fulltime Sports Challenge staff attend an internal training program and will have attained the following minimum criteria:


  • Minimum of 6 Months experience working in a school/events environment

  • Child Protection Certificate & Safe guarding

  • CRB / DBS Enhanced Check

  • First Aid Certificate

  • 10 Million Pounds Public Liability Insurance

  • NGB Qualified (Level1, 2 or above)

  • Multi-skills trained in house and workshop trained

  • SAQ Qualified

  • Full Previous Employment History Checks & References

  • Behaviour Management Trained


All staff have a wide variety of experience they bring to the team, from graduates, specialist coaches, high level athletes to school teachers.


  • A packed lunch and plenty of drinks not fizzy

  • Various breaks / Lunch will take place throughout the day.

  • Appropriate wet weather clothing and sun protection, if applicable please see information on each camp for requirements of each activity/sports camp.

  • Appropriate footwear for both inside and outside use, can be made specific to activities running on the camp, preferred trainer.

  • Shin pads must be worn for all Football Activities.

  • Swimming kits for Evesham, Pershore & Droitwich Leisure Centres.

  • Spare Change of clothes.

We group the children in 2 brackets, Party Poppers where the children are aged from 5yrs to 7yrs & Party Rockers aged from 8yrs to 14yrs.


Whilst being in these too bracketed groups, we divide into further groups to allow the children to make new friends and work closely with others in a more sociable environment. We ratio on a 1:8 (ages 5-7) & 1:16 (ages 8 & over).


On all venues we have scheduled Snack & Lunch breaks to allow the children the ultimate time to replenish energy levels & hydrate. We have a snack break in the morning for 15minutes – We break for lunch for an hour with allocated eating time and small fun based games – another 15minute break toward the end of the day to allow the children to relax before signing out. All breaks are fully supervised and monitored to ensure children eat their healthy balanced lunch. 

We have always been flexible on our policies of walk on’s but due to our demand we now encourage parents to book before turning up on a venue to save disappointment as we cater our programmes around the number of children and staff, So all leave with an enjoyable and memorable day. We have a new policy in place No Pay, No Play.